Bodycote S.A. is the leading provider of thermal processing services in the world. The company has a global network of over 190 locations in 26 countries. Bodycote services include a number of key technologies, which include thermal processing, metal joining, hot isotactic pressing and surface technology. Bodycote’s customers benefit at the local level through the knowledge transferred within the group, affording efficiency and the development of techniques to ensure reliable, cost-effective and high quality solutions.

The plant near Wroclaw is already the sixth Bodycote facility in Poland. A production facility with an area of approx. 2 500 sq m will be built on the 1-hectare site, of which 2 250 sq m are allocated for production, and 214 sq m will be developed for office and social space.

The location of the investment by Wroclaw’s eastern ring road is associated with the need to supply our customers in the region, mainly in the automotive sector. Due to our specialised services, we were interested in an individual project prepared especially for our needs. The best proposal was put forward by PA Nova, said Dariusz Podgórski, Vice President AGI Eastern Europe ( North ) at Bodycote.

The BTS investment for Bodycote is yet another production project implemented by our company this year. We are consistently implementing our growth strategy by expanding our activity in the industrial real estate segment, commented Jacek Tajster, Investment Director at P.A. Nova.

We are glad that we were able to represent Bodycote Polska in the selection of an investment plot and the contractor for the new production facility. Close cooperation has allowed us to get to know the client’s requirements and make an optimal selection of the location and the concept of the site so as to meet the specific demands of the tenant, added Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner at AXI IMMO.

P.A. NOVA S.A. offers the comprehensive implementation of construction projects throughout the country. The organisational structure of the company, which includes property development, construction, design, architecture, urban planning and IT departments, allows for the implementation of the whole construction process. The company specialises in the implementation of commercial and industrial projects.