Audit of
Industrial Lease Conditions

The audit service of warehouse space lease conditions is a process of examining, assessing and analyzing the conditions under which a company rents a warehouse, storage space, logistics or production space. This audit aims to ensure that the lease agreement is beneficial and meets the client's needs.

An audit of the terms of the lease of warehouse space involves a thorough review of the concluded lease agreement. In this process, experts analyze every point of the contract, including financial conditions, lease period, obligations of the parties, clauses regarding rent increases and insurance issues.

An audit of warehouse lease terms helps identify cost optimization opportunities, including negotiation of rent prices, contract periods, as well as potential additional fees, such as maintenance fees and insurance.

By conducting an audit, experts check whether the rented warehouse or storage space meets the client's actual needs and is appropriately adapted to his business.

Our experts can also help you negotiate and renegotiate with the landlord to obtain more favorable lease terms.


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