Sale/purchase of real estate

At AXI IMMO, we provide services related to the management of the process of selling and buying real estate in commercial markets and investment areas, with the aim of facilitating transactions for clients.

Our services are tailored to the client's needs, based on knowledge, market knowledge as well as real estate market research and analysis.

On the commercial real estate market, we advise investors on the sale of real estate. By cooperating with our international partners, we offer our clients access to the global commercial real estate market.

Our specialist experts with extensive experience in real estate advise developers and property owners and help to reach investors, e.g. in sale & lease transactions or BTS properties.

AXI IMMO's experienced advisors, who have specialist knowledge in the sale and purchase of land for new projects, provide consulting, transaction support as well as market valuations.

Having access to a wide range of real estate, we also offer advice on the sale and purchase of equestrian real estate.

Investment plots

Key aspects of advisory services during the sale and purchase of real estate

Real estate valuation

Conducting a professional real estate valuation based on local real estate markets, trends and technical condition of the real estate.

Preparation of a sales offer

Assistance in preparing an attractive sales offer, including a description of the property, photos, plans and important information for potential buyers.

Searching for a property to buy

Active search for properties that meet the requirements of customers wishing to purchase.

Real estate presentations

Organization of real estate presentations for potential clients, both virtual and physical.

Price and conditions negotiations

Conducting price negotiations and setting transaction terms, taking care of the interests of both the seller and the buyer.

Managing the transaction process

Coordination of the entire transaction process, from property presentation to finalization of the contract.

Further support

Offering further support after the transaction is completed if the client requires it, e.g. property management.

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