Real estate due diligence

Real estate due diligence is a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of real estate and its facts.
This in-depth analysis is used when buying or selling real estate, which is an appropriate source of information when valuing real estate.
The purpose of real estate due diligence is to identify risks and legal defects of real estate, as well as to protect against their occurrence, as well as to minimize their effects.

Analysis of documents in real estate due diligence
Land and mortgage register, excerpt and outline of the land and building register, local development plan.
The real estate construction analysis verifies the compliance of the investment with the building permit and the occupancy permit. The completeness and correctness of the technical documentation needed to use the building is also checked.
Taxes and fees, e.g. real estate tax, improvement fee, planning fee or fee for reducing natural land retention (so-called rain fee) are costs that should be checked when buying real estate.

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