Service charges
in commercial property

Service charge - a fee for services related to warehouse space, including various costs related to the maintenance and management of a given property.

As part of the service charge analysis service for warehouse space, we check, among others: costs of technical service, administration and management of the property, security, maintenance of the area and infrastructure, and technical inspections.

The aim of the service charge analysis is to optimize expenses, financial transparency, risk management as well as adapting the service charge to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring flexibility and an individual approach to warehouse costs.

Thanks to the analysis, the client has a clear picture of what he is paying for, which facilitates financial planning and can optimize expenses in line with actual needs.


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    Detailed service charge parameters may concern aspects such as:

    Maintenance of the area and infrastructure

    • These are costs related to maintaining roads, parking lots, public areas and general order in the warehouse.


    Protection and safety

    • These are costs related to security systems, monitoring, physical protection and all measures to prevent theft or other incidents.


    Technical Support

    • These are costs related to the maintenance of technical installations, repairs, inspections and possible modernization of systems.


    Environmental services

    • These are fees related to waste management, greenery maintenance, and possible investments in sustainable environmental solutions.


    Administration and management

    • These include management staff salaries, administrative office costs and any other expenses associated with overall warehouse management.


    Technical inspections and quality checks

    • These are the costs of technical inspections, quality control and possible audits necessary to maintain safety and quality standards.

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