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AXI IMMO services on the commercial real estate market

Depending on the client's needs, we build dedicated teams and employ experts with many years of experience in various fields. Primarily in the field of valuations, construction, project and facility management, investment project management, as well as law, finance and market research.

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We respond to many different commercial real estate needs

We analyse individual client needs, carrying out the process from the very beginning of the transaction through market analysis and verifying existing and planned properties. At the same time, we set priorities for the operation of the company and the people working in it. We indicate optimal financial and technical conditions.

  • AXI IMMO Group Spółka z o.o. offers professional advice in commercial real estate.
  • At AXI IMMO, we provide professional service at every stage of the investment process, from the selection of the investment to the process of its preparation and implementation.
  • Our team consists of engineers and brokers with many years of experience in the real estate industry.
  • The trust and satisfaction of our customers is a reason for us to be proud.
  • We conduct research and provide analyzes and reports based on detailed data.
  • The advantage of AXI IMMO is the combination of international service standards with reliable knowledge of the local market.

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