Final Acceptance

Final Acceptance services - post-construction commissioning of commercial real estate include comprehensive activities related to the process of checking readiness and handing over commercial real estate from one party to the other, usually from the contractor to the owner or tenant of the space.

Our experienced specialists from the BTS&BTO and Property Management departments with full professionalism provide comprehensive services in the field of checking the readiness of properties for use, and handing them over in accordance with the highest industry standards.

commercial real estate commissioning services play a key role in ensuring that the property is ready for use as expected, which translates into customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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    Acceptance services and acceptance of real estate

    As part of the space acceptance service, we offer:


    A thorough technical inspection, which includes the technical condition of the building, installations, as well as compliance with the design
    Compliance with the lease or work contract
    A report containing findings on possible defects or non-conformities with the contract.



    As part of the acceptance of the property, we offer:


    Verify that your property meets industry standards and regulations related to your business
    Verification of compliance with architectural designs and technical specifications if the property has undergone modernization or construction works
    Compliance with safety requirements and compliance with standards shall be assessed

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