Renegotiation of lease agreements for warehouse and office space is an excellent tool that generates savings.

A properly conducted renegotiation process guarantees tenants cost savings of up to 20-30%.

It is worth considering starting the renegotiation process even more than a year earlier, before the end of the current contract. Thanks to this, the parties can prepare properly and make decisions carefully and without haste, analyzing all possible options.

Bearing in mind the prospect of the end of the current agreement, companies may consider renegotiating the terms of the lease agreement for the space occupied so far or relocating to another space. As your advisor, it is worth choosing an experienced advisor specializing in transaction brokerage on the commercial real estate market.

A professional partner will carry out the renegotiation process. He will also present a comprehensive market analysis, proposals for other existing and planned properties that could potentially meet the company's expectations. The adviser will help with talks with the current landlord, where the tenant may receive an interesting lease offer. Often, renegotiations between the parties are a win-win solution. The tenant remains in the rented office or warehouse space, while the landlord avoids vacancy and is assured of cooperation with the tenant he already knows.

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