Industrial Lease Renewal - Renegotiation

Renegotiation of a lease agreement for warehouse, logistics or production space is a process that requires specialist knowledge and experience.

A contract renewal involve the parties renegotiating the contract terms and entering into a new agreement to replace the existing one.

At AXI IMMO, we provide comprehensive support for our clients renting warehouse space, helping them to achieve the most favourable lease terms, paying attention to key aspects aimed at securing the tenant's interests.

Renegotiations with AXI IMMO allow us to obtain more favourable terms of the agreement. Our expert knowledge and careful analysis of the terms and conditions of the contract allow us to effectively protect the Client's interests.


Anna Głowacz

Head of Industrial - Leasing Agency

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    Industrial space contract renegotiations

    As part of the renegotiation of a warehouse lease agreement, we conduct a thorough analysis of the existing lease agreement, identifying key points, financial conditions, and any restrictions. Thanks to the fact that we monitor changes in the local industrial real estate market, we provide information about possible new offers and competition.

    We support our clients in the process of adjusting the size of the space to the current business needs, both in the case of its increase and decrease.

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