The new AXI IMMO Group office is located on the 24th floor of the Spectrum Tower skyscraper in Warsaw. The new headquarters was arranged in accordance with the latest trends in the design of office space.

AXI IMMO in the new headquarters in Spektrum Tower

– As a real estate company, we had very clear expectations about our own headquarters. We wanted a functional area in a high-class office building with convenient access for contractors visiting us. The key factor that determined the choice of location for the new headquarters was the location of Spektrum Tower in the city centre of Warsaw – says Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner at AXI IMMO.

– Opening a new office is another stage in the development of our company. We dynamically increase employment and market share from year to year. The new office was designed in accordance with the needs of employees, taking into account the specifics of each department. A team of specialists watched over its functional arrangement, who every day advise our clients on the selection and arrangement of office space – adds Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner at AXI IMMO.


A new office well-fitting to the style of work of employees

The AXI IMMO office in the new headquarters in Spektrum Tower is divided into several zones adapted to the rhythm and nature of the work of various employees. The project includes a meeting space, spacious conference rooms and offices for those who spend most of their time working in the office. The office furniture was provided by Helikon Meble Biurowe S.A.

The Office AXI IMMO department was responsible for the full implementation of the project from market analysis, building selection, negotiations of financial terms of the lease agreement, to the analysis of the work environment and management of the interior arrangement process.

Spektrum Tower is not only offices but service space

Spektrum Tower is a 122-meter modern skyscraper with over 28,000 sq m. flexible, high-class office space for rent, spread over 28 floors. This space can be easily divided into offices from 80 meters up.

On the lower floors of the building, there are, among others, numerous restaurants, cafes and a modern, 24-hour fitness zone.

The SPEKTRUM Tower office building is located at 18 Twarda street. This location provides easy access to public transport. In addition, there are 314 parking spaces waiting for the underground floors of the office building, which means that the building has one of the best coefficients in the city centre in terms of the number of parking spaces compared to the building’s area (1:89). The office building has a BREEAM certificate, which confirms that the building is environmentally friendly.