The investment project will be carried out within the next four years. Companies of MLP Group have signed three lease agreements with Czerwona Torebka companies: e-commerce company, grocery chain Małpka and discount store chain Dyskont Czerwona Torebka. Each lease contract is for 15 years.

To fulfil the contract MLP is to develop a new logistics park, MLP Poznań West. Facilities with a total surface area of app. 79,300 sqm will be built for the two Dyskont Czerwona Torebka and Małpka Express on a 20 ha plot located near Poznań. The construction of the first facility, with a surface area of app. 25,500 sqm, will be launched in 2015 and the completed hall is to be delivered to the client in December 2015. The second 53,800 sqm facility will be developed in 2016 and is scheduled for completion in December 2016. The third lease agreement will see MLP develop and lease a 41,500 sqm facility for The hall is to be developed within the MLP Pruszków II logistics park owned by MLP Group, which is currently being extended. The project should be started in 2018 and delivered no later than Q3 2018, however the tenant may agree earlier development dates with the relevant MLP Group subsidiary, according to an MLP Group statement.

“The project, which is to be developed for the three retail companies, fits in with our strategy which, in addition to the development of logistics parks, also focuses on the construction of large built-to-suit projects,” said Radosław T. Krochta, the CEO and vice-president of MLP Group.


Source: Eurobuild