After the successful film co-productions of “Playing Hard” and “Back Then, AXI IMMO has decided to cooperate with film director Kinga Debska for the third time. Before its official premiere in Polish cinemas on October 3rd, “The Feast of Fire” was awarded three statuettes during the 48th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2023. AXI IMMO invites you to cinemas!

Rafał Osiecki, Managing Partner, AXI IMMO, said: “I felt great satisfaction at the opportunity to work with Kinga Debska again on our third film project. Previous successes have been significant. Nevertheless, in addition to audience recognition, we have received two awards at the 48th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. I am confident that the film The Feast of Fire will bring unforgettable moments on the big screen. It was a great pleasure to once again embark on a journey together while making the film and to achieve further artistic successes with it.”

“The Feast of Fire” is a screen adaptation of a novel by Jakub Małecki, telling the story of a family – two sisters and a father – as seen from each perspective. The scenario takes a turn when a new neighbor appears in their community. Even before its official premiere, the film won three statuettes at the 48th Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The production was recognized in individual categories, including Kinga Preis for best supporting female role, while Paulina Pytlak received the award for professional acting debut. The film adaptation of Jakub Małecki’s novel has another success, i.e., the Special Award, the Golden Kangaroo, given by Australian film distributors. In 2022, the author of “The Feast of Fire” received the Cyprian Kamil Norwid Award in the literature category.

Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner, AXI IMMO, said: “Besides business, we are actively involved in promoting Polish culture, which is an integral part of our activity in the Polish market. We participate in numerous events to support artists on par with the country’s culture and art development. Here, as with running a business, we look for the latest trends and inspiration in the artistic field.”

Renata Osiecka, adds: “Referring to the film Feast of Fire, it raises extremely important issues related to social exclusion. This is, among other things, one of the topics that, as part of AXI IMMO’s strategy, we try to keep in mind as much as developing and spreading awareness of diversity.”