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A new Szczecin – Stargard Warehouse Centre offers warehouses for lease in Stargard, in Szczecin Region, north-western Poland.

The Szczecin – Stargard Warehouse Centre is located about 6 km from the exit to the S10 motorway, about 24 km from the exit to the A6 motorway and the S3 and S6 expressways.

Stargard has access to all branches of transport: sea – Port of Szczecin – Świnoujście, midland – Odra river, roads – S10, S3, S6, A6, rail – direct rail line to the seaport, to Berlin and Poland, air – Airport Szczecin – Goleniów and Berlin.

The Szczecin – Stargard Warehouse Centre tailored to the needs of different tenants. One hall intended for storage or light production on a large warehouse space and the second SBU hall divided into small business units. Each of the SBU units will have office and social facilities and a warehouse space with an entrance gate.

In the Szczecin – Stargard Warehouse Centre you will find warehouses with hydraulic docks, with modern fire protection ( sprinkler system), parking spaces for cars, vans, and trucks.

  • New warehouses for rent in the Szczecin-Stargard Warehouse Center

  • SBU and big box warehouses

  • Warehouses for "last mile" logistics

  • The Szczecin-Stargard Warehouse Center is accessible by public transport

  • Warehouse height 6 - 12 m

  • Hydraulic docks

  • Sprinkler system

  • Trolley loading zone

  • Floor load capacity 5 t/sq m

  • The halls are adapted for the storage of goods and light production

  • Large parking lots in front of warehouses

  • The fenced, protected and monitored area of the park ensures safety.


Szczecin - Stargard Warehouse Centre located in Stargard in a strategic place on the logistics map. Warehouses close to Szczecin, which enables quick access to key transport routes: sea, inland waterways, road, rail and air. 6 km from the exit to the S10 expressway. About 24 km from the exit to the A6 motorway and the S3 and S6 expressways. Good access to the seaport of Szczecin-Świnoujście Access for inland waterway transport via the Oder River A dense network of expressways enabling the delivery of goods from the warehouse to local markets as well as cities located further away in Poland; Short distance from the Szczecin-Goleniów airport as well as the airport in Berlin (Germany).

Technical data

  • Number of buildings
  • Possibility of production
  • Certificate
  • Storage height (m)
  • Floor load capacity
  • Column grid
  • Railway siding
  • Availability of office space
  • Fire resistance
  • Docks
  • Ground level access doors
  • Cold store/freezer
  • Office space (sq m)
  • Minimal space (sq m)
  • Roof Skylights
  • Sprinklers
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Offer ID


Lotnisko Szczecin
Port Świnoujście

Market data

The warehouse market in the Szczecin region - West Pomeranian Voivodeship has been developing rapidly for several years. The Szczecin region benefits from access to the Baltic Sea basin, trade with Scandinavian countries, and the neighbourhood with Germany.

Many international companies in the Szczecin region decided to invest in warehouse space for production purposes as well as popularizing the so-called CBEC (cross-border e-commerce) trend, i.e. cross-border trade on the Internet. In 2023, new supply in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship accounted for 3% of the 3.7 million sq m of new supply in Poland.

In the Szcecin region, most of the modern production and logistics space is located around cities such as Szczecin, Goleniów, Stargard, Kołbaskowo, and Gryfin. These are cities located on the S3 and S10 expressways.

In the Szczecin region, the majority of developers — Panattoni, Mapletree, Exeter, Waimea, and 7R— work in the warehouse sector.

Manufacturing companies, logistics operators, and smaller and larger e-commerce companies are active in the Szczecin region. At the end of 2023, gross demand was below 250,000 sq m. However, the vacancy rate of warehouse space remained at approximately 7.2%.

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