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A standalone A-class hall located in the New Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard, north-western Poland. Warehouse in strategic location near the German border and Scandinavian countries, with convenient access to Szczecin-Goleniów Airport and Berlin Airport, makes it an excellent place for business and nearshoring.
The production and warehouse space covers 12,027 sqm, while the social-office area is 968 sqm. The property occupies a plot of land measuring 2.8 hectares, which is fenced and monitored.

  • Warehouse close to the Polish-German border

  • Modern warehouse and production space

  • Height of production and storage area - 10 m

  • Entrance gates from level 0 – 6 pieces

  • Hall illuminated by daylight through roof skylights - 12.5%

  • Fire load up to 4000 MJ

  • Floor load 7 T/sq m, dust-free

  • Battery charging area in the warehouse

  • IT room

  • LED lighting up to 500 lux

  • Compressed air system

  • Parking spaces for cars, delivery vans and trucks

  • Commercial property fenced and monitored.


The warehouse is located in the New Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard, just 6 km from the S10 expressway. The location is strategically advantageous, close to the German border and Scandinavian countries, with easy access to Szczecin-Goleniów Airport and Berlin Airport, and direct bus lines to the Park. Stargard is located in the so-called the entrance gate to the metropolitan and port area of ​​Szczecin and serves as a large transport hub. Important routes and railways intersect in Stargard.

Technical data

  • Number of buildings
  • Possibility of production
  • Certificate
  • Storage height (m)
  • Floor load capacity
  • Column grid
    12 x 22,5
  • Railway siding
  • Availability of office space
  • Fire resistance
  • Docks
  • Ground level access doors
  • Cold store/freezer
  • Office space (sq m)
  • Minimal space (sq m)
  • Roof Skylights
  • Sprinklers
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Offer ID


Panattoni Europe is a developer of industrial spaces. Provides access to multi-functional warehouse and production buildings. Buildings are always tailored to the diverse needs of customers. Panattoni has many specialists who also care about the quality of offered products and services.

Market data

The warehouse market in the Szczecin region - West Pomeranian Voivodeship has been developing rapidly for several years. The Szczecin region benefits from access to the Baltic Sea basin, trade with Scandinavian countries, and the neighbourhood with Germany.

Many international companies in the Szczecin region decided to invest in warehouse space for production purposes as well as popularizing the so-called CBEC (cross-border e-commerce) trend, i.e. cross-border trade on the Internet. In 2023, new supply in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship accounted for 3% of the 3.7 million sq m of new supply in Poland.

In the Szcecin region, most of the modern production and logistics space is located around cities such as Szczecin, Goleniów, Stargard, Kołbaskowo, and Gryfin. These are cities located on the S3 and S10 expressways.

In the Szczecin region, the majority of developers — Panattoni, Mapletree, Exeter, Waimea, and 7R— work in the warehouse sector.

Manufacturing companies, logistics operators, and smaller and larger e-commerce companies are active in the Szczecin region. At the end of 2023, gross demand was below 250,000 sq m. However, the vacancy rate of warehouse space remained at approximately 7.2%.

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