Where are the e-commerce magazines in Poland? How to prepare a magazine for e-commerce? What should an e-commerce magazine contain? – see the list of warehouse properties below.

Logistic warehouses for the e-commerce industry have different technical specifications than traditional halls, larger floor space, more efficient storage, packaging, return acceptance, order processing, and re-handling zones. In general, the optimal solution for companies from the eCommerce sector is cross-dock warehouses, that meet the reloading requirements, equipped with docks adapted to TIR vehicles and smaller vans.

The warehouses of companies that operate in the e-commerce industry handle food, clothing, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, perfumes, and also products for children. Furniture and sports equipment are also increasingly bought online. Last-mile logistics real estate in and around cities provides direct access to urban consumers and is the right solution for e-commerce businesses. Properties in proximity to major cities in Poland shorten the distance, travel time, and delivery time, enabling faster delivery of goods and services to the end customer. Logistics warehouses for e-commerce available in Poland from developers Panattoni, Prologis, MLP, Segro, 7R, Waimea, Logicor, Ideal Idea, and others. See available areas: