UL International company (Underwriters Laboratories) – the global leader of TIC market (Testing, Inspections, Certifications), has leased 3 600 sq m of office and warehouse space in Bolero Office II. The object dedicated to the client is being built at Równoległa 4 St. in Warsaw. AXI IMMO supported UL International in the lease process.

UL International is a research and development centre providing services to companies from various industries in the field of testing, inspection and certification in order to obtain the admission of products to the market.  The range of the company’s services is very wide and includes safety tests and certifications as well as in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, electronic equipment, telecommunications, radio/wireless, energy efficiency, electronic transaction security and cybersecurity. UL also offers training in standards and certification/access requirements for individual markets.

The company has branches, laboratories and inspection centres in the whole world, in which it employs over 14,000 employees. Branch of UL International in Poland has existed since 2004, while in 2006 the company also opened its own laboratory in which it tests products for threats of electric shock, fire, explosion or mechanical hazards.

UL International headquarters in Poland at the new address

In connection with the development of the company and the continuous expansion of the range of services, the company decided to change the location of the headquarters in Poland.

 „UL International is developing very fast all over the world, including Poland. We are constantly expanding the range of our services, which in turn entails the need to hire specialists in specific fields. We decided to relocate, due to the dynamic increase in employment, as well as the need to increase the laboratory space. The new facility, which has been specially designed for us, will take into account a number of technical and quality criteria specific to the research and certification centre. ” – comments Beata Staniszewska, UL Polska Site Leader.

The BTS project for the company will have 3,600 sq m, of which approx. 2 000 sq m will take up the office part. In the technical part of the facility, lighting will be provided in an office standard and above standard double ventilation, due to the laboratory located there.

In relation to the new facility, the client had several key requirements that were met in the Bolero Office II project. The location of the object was the most important for the client, necessarily in the city centre, due to the employees, their good access to work and frequent business trips, including international ones. The location of the new branch is convenient access to the dense network of public transport and the airport. Another, equally important factor for the client was a much larger technical component than in the standard office buildings. The client has leased approx. 2,000 sq m of office space, due to a large number of employees carrying out conceptual work outside the laboratory.” – add Damian Kińczyk, Industrial & Logistic Consultant in AXI IMMO.

Bolero Office Point II by Real Management S.A.

Bolero Office Point II is an office complex that will finally have 13,629 sq m modern office space on 7 above-ground storeys. Location Bolero Office Point II is Warsaw, the south-western part of the city, in the Włochy district. The complex is located near the intersection of Jerozolimskie Avenue and Łopuszańska street, the main exit roads from Warsaw. The advantage of the location is a short distance to the centre of Warsaw and the Fryderyk Chopin Airport in Warsaw at Okęcie. The property belongs to developer Real Management S.A.

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