Project in Podłęże near Kraków is back in use and changing its purpose

After nearly 16 years, the site of the unsuccessful “Żubr” housing estate project in Podłęże near Kraków is back in use and changing its purpose. The new plan for the site is a vibrant international logistics service center whose clients can expect comprehensive warehousing and logistics services. It’s also good news for the region’s residents, as there will be new jobs in administration, warehouse and skilled drivers, among others. MCG EastBridge, a new company within the Maszoński Logistic Group, has already begun operations in the region.

Bartosz Rojewski, Chief Operating Officer, MCG EastBridge, said: “We believe that business development will allow us to forget the failed investment of years ago and open a new and better page for this location. We are pleased to be part of the site’s reincarnation from an abandoned residential development into a modern logistics center. We decided to lease space in this location because, in our opinion, it has exceptional potential.”

New location with excellent logistics

MCG EastBridge is a new brand in Maszoński Logistics’s portfolio, which will continue the comprehensive transport and logistics services it has been providing for more than 25 years within the European Union and more widely to the south and east. The company aims to increase brand recognition in Central and Southern Europe in Ukraine, Czechia, Slovakia, the Balkans, and Turkey.

The company chose the project prepared by the developer in the Niepołomice area for a reason. The location of the GLP Kraków III Logistics Centre park right next to the A4 highway will provide ideal distribution conditions to the east and west of Europe. It is also part of the 3rd Trans-European Transport Corridor from the port of Calais in France to the eastern edge of Kazakhstan. In addition, GLP Kraków III Logistics Centre itself will be located just off the A4 freeway exit at the “Niepołomice junction” in Podłęże, which was completed in 2020, and the warehouse will open the entrance to the Niepołomice Investment Zone.

Łukasz Kordecki, Chief Commercial Officer, MCG EastBridge, explains: “Among the many advantages associated with the location, the presence in the Niepołomice Investment Zone cannot be overestimated. It’s a thriving business space encouraging more entities to visit.

As part of MCG’s EastBridge services, the company has prepared for its clients an offer of warehousing, cross-docking, co-packing, customs handling, bonded warehouse services, or support for the e-commerce industry. Nevertheless, the company is open to other forms of cooperation and adapting the best solutions to fulfill the tasks. The logistics operations will be provided on 56,200 sqm of modern, high-standard warehouse and office space.

Mirosław Maszoński, Chairman, Maszoński Logistic, adds: “We want MCG EastBridge to have its unique DNA while drawing as much as possible from the know-how of Maszoński Logistic. We are confident that we will be able to offer clients a high standard of service tailored to their expectations.

New operations center of many capabilities

MCG EastBridge has already started recruitment processes, which are intended to promote local specialists from the regions of Małopolska and Podkarpacie Voivodship. The company primarily seeks warehouse workers, forklift operators, skilled drivers, freight forwarders, and administrative staff. The company wants to provide the best possible comfort for its staff, so a comprehensive office of more than 1,200 sqm will be provided in addition to the impressive 55,000 sqm of warehouse space. The modern interior, designed with the latest standards, will have solutions to enhance high acoustic and thermal parameters.

Marta Nowik, Director, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO, who advised the operator on the site selection, comments: “I am convinced that the idea to functionally incorporate the area of the abandoned Żubr estate into the Niepołomice Investment Zone will quickly make it possible to forget about the failed investment. The well-considered decision regarding the change in the local development plan allowed the long-awaited release of additional space for business development, which had been missing for years. With great satisfaction, we have watched the surrounding area industrialize rapidly. That’s why I expect the MCG EastBridge warehouse launch will offer much-needed energy to the area and, most importantly, modern jobs.


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