The Radial, a company belonging to the Belgian bpost group, will enter the logistics park MLP Pruszków II. The company will rent more than 9,000 sqm modern storage and office space. During the negotiations, the tenant was represented by AXI IMMO.

Radial, Inc., a Belgian post group bpost, is a leader in the omnichannel technology and operational service. Owners of leading brands from around the world choose Radial as a trustworthy partner with whom cooperation helps them to deliver on brand promises, anticipate and respond to any disruption to the functioning of the industry and compete dynamically changing market environment. Radial’s innovative solutions connect sellers with buyers using advanced multi-channel technologies; smart payments and fraud protection tools; efficient logistical support for supply chains and customer service based on a thorough identification of their needs – especially in a context where the highest quality customer experience is crucial.

9,000 square meters to organize the Radial supply chain

“When the scale of orders exceeded the capabilities of our existing logistics support centre in Poland, we began to look for a location that would not only be sufficient for our current needs but also enabled us to further rapid expansion. The MLP Pruszków II centre near Warsaw will allow us to efficiently and effectively Costly way to reach customers from Poland and neighbouring markets, and offer Polish sellers and brand owners an extremely modern and scalable A ++ class database to which they will be able to entrust with the logistics of online commerce.” – said Tomasz Okowiak representing the Radial company.

“Our MLP Pruszków II logistics centre is extremely popular among our potential and current clients. An attractive location along with good transport infrastructure, both by road, rail and air are the main factors that influence our clients’ decisions to make it in MLP Pruszków II start your business.” – said Tomasz Pietrzak Senior Leasing Manager at MLP Group.

“Radial was looking for space that would allow efficient organization of the supply chain on a regional and national scale, and ensure expansion in one investment. Thanks to the developer’s flexible approach and qualitative offer, Radial has decided to rent in the MLP Pruszków II logistics park.”- added Karol Osiecki, Associate Director & Development at AXI IMMO.

MLP Pruszków II logistics centre

MLP Pruszków II is a logistics centre located near Warsaw, in the Brwinów commune, 5 km from Pruszków. Established on a plot of 72 ha for storage and light production. It is a complex with a target leasable area of ​​292 thousand sq m. MLP Pruszków II has well-developed connections with the centre of Warsaw and with the main thoroughfares connecting the capital with other cities. The park is located between road no. 760 and the A2 motorway, 3 km from the communication node located in the Pruszków-Żbików area. Nearby, there are international railways that enable excellent logistics conditions for both domestic and international distribution.