Neopak, a distribution company active in the packaging industry, has decided to relocate its main warehouse. The tenant will occupy over 10,500 sqm of logistics and office/social space at Panattoni Park Warsaw South IV, Poland. Neopak’s move to the new location is scheduled for the end of Q3 2024. In the transaction, the tenant was represented by Klaudia Markowska from the largest Polish advisory firm, AXI IMMO.

Neopak is one of the leading distribution companies in the packaging industry. Since 2006, the company has specialized in selling packaging materials and accessories. Its offer includes a full range of products related to protecting various goods, including parcels or packages.

Szymon Ździarski, the president of the management board of Neopak, says: “We’ve spent a long time looking for a convenient solution to fit our operational plans for the coming years and allow us to occupy additional space in a warehouse park that is modern and of a high standard. At first we assumed we would remain within Warsaw, but the lack of space of an appropriate size forced us to look beyond the city limits. The selection of Nadarzyn was a decision that was carefully thought through with the factors considered including issues such as its access to public transport, which will allow us to keep our current staff.  This is our investment in the future that will improve our operational efficiency from the first day of moving in”.

The packaging industry sector plays a vital role in supporting other sectors of the economy, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or chemicals, by providing appropriate packaging solutions for their products. In recent years, it has also played a key role in developing the e-commerce segment in Poland. The increase in the popularity of online shopping has contributed to a rise in demand for various packaging adapted for shipping and delivering goods over the Internet. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and secure packaging can improve brand perception and increase client loyalty and repeat purchases. The importance of the packaging industry is set to grow in the coming years, as it already plays a key role in the e-commerce space, providing solutions that meet the needs of retailers and consumers in the dynamic, changing online environment.

Klaudia Markowska, Senior Advisor, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO, comments: “The client decides to expand and occupy new space at the perfect time and circumstances. The module found in Panattoni Park Warsaw South IV turned out to be a great substitute for the area that was previously sought after in the city. Unquestionably, the Park’s advantages include a prime position with easy access to the highway, public transportation, and the company’s former headquarters, which is only a few minutes away. The client will have access to several advantages when they sign the contract and begin doing business. It primarily raises the space’s standard from B-class to A-class. The newer, bigger, 12-meter hall will give him more room to grow and reach upward. The new site also offers numerous energy optimization savings. In areas where permanent human labour is anticipated, Neopak has chosen to use less artificial light and more natural sunshine”. 

At the end of Q3 2024, Neopak will occupy 10,562 sq m of warehouse and distribution space, which will be complemented by an 850 sq m spacious and modern office with a higher standard. In turn, the installation of additional sprinklers in the racks will ensure greater safety at work in the hall.

Michał Samborski, the Head of Development, Panattoni, adds: “Over the last few years, Nadarzyn has become a key logistics hub, utilizing the potential of its location and the superb local infrastructure to the full. Our development, Panattoni Park Warsaw South IV, is an excellent choice for companies that are looking for space of the highest standard to serve the exceptionally attractive market of Warsaw. We are glad that what we offer was an ideal fit for the needs of Neopak, and we wish to welcome them as a tenant to our park”.

Panattoni Park Warsaw South IV is a logistics centre that is currently under development, which is to eventually comprise close to 100,000 sqm of modern industrial space in two buildings. The first stage of the development has been completed with a building of around 50,000 sqm. The tenants have numerous facilities at their disposal including a large manoeuvring square, electric vehicle charging stations and 24-hour surveillance and security. The building has been environmentally certified with a high rating of Excellent. The park is located next to the Paszków Junction where the S8 Expressway joins national road no. 67. The park is only 20 km from the very centre of Warsaw and just 18 km from Warsaw’s Chopin Airport.