Fiskars, leading global supplier of branded consumer products for home, garden and outdoors and SEGRO – leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing and light industrial properties signed a long-term agreement for the lease of approx. 1 450 sq m of warehouse space at SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań. 

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest Finnish company operating continuously since 1649. Since 39 years the company has been producing steel tools. Fiskars is a leading global brand renowned for functional, user-friendly and cutting-edge hand and daily use products. The company is rooted in the village of Fiskars, a picturesque centre of art and design, where modern aesthetics entwines with traditional craftsmanship.  The process of production is still regulated by severing Finnish quality norms, which combined with modern design makes Fiskars one of the most recognisable brands worldwide. Under the new agreement, the company leased approximately 950 sq m of warehouse space and an office unit of approx. 500 sq m at SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań.

„International nature of the company is boosting the level of expertise and the company development, whereas innovation and design have made our products successful worldwide, which is why we attached great importance to the possibility of delivering our products fast and in a convenient way while choosing
a warehouse location in Poland. The space leased within SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań will serve as a storage space of products from garden and home appliances departments. The products will be distributed within Poland and strategic location of the facility will enable us to deliver Fiskars’s products throughout the country easily,” says Sylwester Dmowski Managing Director Fiskars Poland.

„We are pleased to welcome Fiskars among SEGRO’s tenants and we are happy to welcome the company at SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań. The region of Warsaw is now one of the most sought-after warehouse locations in Poland. The region is popular thanks to the geographic location and developing infrastructure, as well as the access to a qualified workforce. The facility’s location next to transit expressways S8 and S7 and the proximity of two bridges over Wisła river provides excellent access from the western,
as well as northern and southern part of the country. This is why SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań’s strategic location is significant for the tenants focused on the country distribution of good,” says  Paweł Sapek, Development Director Central Europe SEGRO

Source: SEGRO