Fernity, the designer furniture wholesaler, has decided to lease over 2,700 sqm of modern warehouse and office space in the Warsaw East Distribution Center logistics park. The tenant was advised on the transaction by AXI IMMO.

Fernity is a wholesaler of furniture and home accessories, operating based on dropshipping. The company also runs several own online stores with furniture and accessories, including the well-known www.dkwadrat.pl. Fernity has been operating in the furniture and design industry for over 12 years. The company mainly import modern furniture from Europe and Asia. Fernity has 11 brands in its portfolio, including four own brands, i.e. D2.Design, Maduu Studio, Intesi and Simplet allow designing and making interior decorations for almost any commercial or residential space.

Fernity chooses a warehouse in Warsaw

We decided to relocate to a new warehouse center, which will also be the new headquarters of our logistics department. The location in Warsaw’s Targówek, first of all, increases our ability to store the assortment before shipping to customers and provides an excellent logistic base due to its location near the S8 route. It is also just a few kilometres from our official showroom, which is located at Grochowska 306/308 street,” says Tomasz Dąbrowski, Fernity.

Fernity furniture wholesaler will occupy approx. 2,600 sqm of warehouse space, while the 115 sqm will be developed as a modern office of the logistics and complaints department with social facilities will be established. Paweł Bułajewski and Karol Osiecki were responsible for the transaction on the part of AXI IMMO.

Moving the warehouse from Praga Południe to Targowek

After presenting the offer of warehouse space, the client swiftly decided to stay on the right side of Warsaw. Therefore, the company moves from Praga Południe to Targówek in the vicinity of the industrial estate of Targówek Fabryczny. Interestingly, both points on the capital map are separated in a straight line by no more than 2 km,” explains Paweł Bułajewski, Consultant, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO. “Increasing the storage capacity should soon effectively affect the efficiency and profitability of Fernity. Furthermore, due to the relatively short distance to the company’s previous headquarters, an additional advantage of this location was the ability to maintain the same staff,” – adds Karol Osiecki, Associate Director, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO.

“Thanks to the landlord’s flexibility, we managed to create a module that meets all the requirements of the new tenant. In addition, the excellent cooperation of the people involved in the process guaranteed Fernity the opportunity to start operating in June, which was the most important from the tenant’s point of view,” comments Anna Rosa, Leasing Manager, CBRE.

Good urban warehouse in Warsaw, on the right bank of the Vistula River

The Warsaw East Distribution Center offers 32,000 sqm A-class warehouse and office space. The investment is located in the industrial part of Warsaw’s Targówek, which ensures good access to public transport. Distribution park is located just 8 km from the Warsaw city centre, near Radzyminska St., directly connecting to the S8 expressway and the A2 motorway.