Expeditors Polska, an international provider of logistic services specializing in comprehensive solutions for the supply chain, has moved into a new headquarters in the Business Garden office building in Warsaw. The company has leased 660 sq m of modern office space. Addition the branch also has a new office at 12 Korbonski Street, Cracow. AXI IMMO advised the tenant in the process of choosing and arranging office space.

Expeditors with headquarters in Seattle in the USA operates in 103 countries and employs over 17,000 employees in 300 branches. The main Expeditors services are international air, sea, rail and road freight transport. The company also offers full customs services with its own customs agency, storage, and distribution. As a complement to its activities, the company also offers other services. These include order management, cargo insurance, project cargo transport, as well as advice on the classification of goods and compliance.

A new office for the headquarters of Expeditors Polska in Warsaw and a branch in Krakow

Exepditors is dynamically developing in Poland. The team was enlarged and there was a desire to raise the standard of office space in Warsaw and Krakow. The new space in the Warsaw office in Business Garden is a mix of open space and divided rooms. In addition, the project provides for meeting places, including two conference rooms, two meeting and individual workrooms, a chillout room and a kitchen.

A branch of the company in Cracow has been also moved to a modern office building at 12 Korboński Street. There the company has leased 120 sq m of office space. The main selection criterion for the Cracow office was the location. Quick access to the Balice airport and good communication with Cracow city centre.

Due to the employees and the desire to raise the standard of the workplace, we decided to relocate our offices in Warsaw and Cracow. In the case of the headquarters, we were looking for office space in a location that would provide access to public transport, and at the same time would guarantee good access by car and a quick connection to the airport in Okęcie. We opted for the Business Garden due to the location, a range of facilities for employees and a wide offer accompanying the complex, ranging from hotel services to catering. An additional advantage was the green environment, conducive to work. – comments Marta Piechel, Managing Director, Member of the Board of Expeditors Polska.

Comprehensive AXI IMMO consulting

 AXI IMMO has comprehensively supported the client in the process of searching for appropriate office space, as well as conducting project supervision over the process of preparing the office. The new headquarters of Expeditors Polska reflects the current needs of the company and its employees and meets 100% expectations of the working environment of today’s candidates.

Marta Piechel adds: Very important for us was the design of the office to reflect the culture of our company. In the new office we have the minimalistic but very elegant interior, preserving the colour of the Expeditors logo (white, black, red), evoking our slogans of work culture such as Proud, Perfection, but also Sense humor. The latter is reflected in the graphics of the Wawel Dragon and Warsaw Mermaid in conference rooms, which refer to their names selected as part of internal competition among employees.

Helikon Office Furniture was responsible for preparing the interior design with the selection of equipment.

The client was looking for a modern office space that will have all the advantages of a modern workplace. Business Garden provides them fully, from the location with access to public transport, through modern architecture, to numerous accompanying services and the garden inside the complex. – adds Jakub Potocki, Office Negotiator at AXI IMMO.

 Modern business centre near Okęcie

Business Garden is located at Żwirki and Wigury Street in Warsaw. Near the suburban train station connecting the Okęcie airport with the Central Railway Station. The office complex consists of seven buildings. Complex offering over 90,000 sq m of office, commercial and service space. Business Garden also has a hotel, conference centre, restaurant, and fitness club. The whole is complemented by a garden with a sports infrastructure.

AXI IMMO also advised Expeditors Polska on the lease of modern warehouse space at Hillwood & PHN Pruszków.