CWS-boco Polska, company offering comprehensive support in cleanliness management and SEGRO, leading developer and modern business facilities manager have signed a long-term lease agreement for 6 000 sq m of space. SEGRO’s Business Park Łódź was chosen by for its main Polish headquarters.

Łódź’s head office of CWS-boco Polska, the leader in cleanliness outsourcing, will be moved to the new location within SEGRO Business Park Łódź in the third quarter 2014. Within the premises of the new headquarters comprising 6 000 sq m of space, office units and a modern laundry facility aimed at servicing e.g. working and specialised clothes will be included.

The project was based on three assumptions involving the increase of technological process efficiency, providing the highest hygiene level and the best working conditions. Technological process applied by CWS-boco in the new industrial laundry was based on the best experiences from other company facilities, legal regulations and practical solutions recommended by Labour Inspectorate and clients from pharmaceutical and food sector.

”We realise the meaning of minimising the negative influence of every activity on the natural environment, that is why we promote sustainable and ecological services and constantly increase energy efficiency not only of our laundries but also of the whole logistics system. As a number of modern, specialised devices have been applied, the energy consumption and CO2 emission to the atmosphere will decrease. Additionally, own wastewater treatment plant will limit the number of the waste produce,” – explains Andrzej Smółko, CWS-boco Polska CEO.

One of the amenities within the new facility for CWS-boco is the division into hygiene zones, not only in production but also in social space. The aim of this solution is to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and to provide the best working conditions.

”Thorough process of adapting the facility to the specific client’s requirements will result in developing modern, individualised, high-standard space. Clients expect the products will meet their needs to the highest extent, which is why the BTS projects are gaining in importance. We are delighted that another tenant decided to create its main headquarters within one of our investments in Poland,” – comments Magdalena Szulc, SEGRO’s Business Unit Director for Central Europe.