Chemart International Trader Sp. z o.o. (Chemart), a supplier of raw materials for producing food, beverages, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, dietary supplements, and nutritional supplements, has decided to open a distribution warehouse in Gdansk. The tenant will occupy more than 2,150 sqm of warehouse and office space at Panattoni Park Tricity East I. The Krakow-based company was represented in the transaction by experts from AXI IMMO.

Chemart International Trader is a rapidly developing company with over twenty-one years of experience supplying raw materials for producing beverages, food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and industrial chemicals to major manufacturers domestically and abroad. Confirmation of the high quality of service is the implemented and maintained ISO 22000 standard, the Food Safety Management System.

Chemart International Trader with a new warehouse in Gdańsk

Mariusz Maksymiak, Managing Director, Chemart International Trader, Sp. z o.o., said: “For years, we have been building trust in our brand based on quality, reliability, and credibility. The decision to expand our operations near DCT Gdańsk is part of a consistently implemented business strategy. I am convinced it will strengthen our competitiveness in domestic and European markets. The task of the new warehouse in Gdańsk, located just minutes from the port, is to unload containers and prepare goods for further efficient distribution to every corner of Europe. We believe that with our Contractors, we will quickly achieve tangible benefits from this decision”.

The tenant will occupy more than 2,050 sqm of warehouse and distribution space, supplemented by about 105 sqm of office and staff space.

Marta Nowik, Director, Industrial & Logistics Space Department, AXI IMMO, explains: “The Client conducted a comprehensive analysis of its development strategy for the next few years, covering two options for the location of its next warehouse – in southern and northern Poland. Chemart sought an experienced partner to support them in this process and help them choose the optimal location. After learning about the Client’s needs, we built a team of competent and prepared and then jointly analyzed a database of recommended warehouse centers and possible options for developing business within them. I get additional satisfaction from the transaction because this is another company from Kraków, which, with our help, decided to lease a warehouse outside its region this year”.

Strategic location in northern Poland

Katarzyna Głodowska, Senior Advisor, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO, adds, “In the context of companies considering expanding their operations beyond the domestic distribution market, the choice of Tricity is one of the natural decisions. It’s a location that gives great freedom in planning and preparing logistics processes. It is an integrated transportation hub combining access to excellent road, rail, air, and sea infrastructure. Also, an important transportation hub that facilitates the rapid transport of domestic and international goods.”

“The Baltic Hub in Gdańsk has been the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea two years in a row, and the excellent performance and ever-increasing transshipments are attracting international business to the region with different scales of operations and business specifics. As a developer, we realize critical infrastructure – warehousing, logistics, or production facilities- is the foundation of these processes and development in the port area. Panattoni Park Tricity East is one of the many platforms we have created, catalyzing the region’s development to its potential. We have delivered more than 600,000 sqm of modern industrial space in Pomerania and are taking the next bold steps towards the first million in the province. With more tenants like Chemart International Trader, it’s only a matter of time before we realize this goal,” concludes Maja Musielska, Senior Leasing Specialist, Panattoni.

Panattoni Park Tricity East I

Panattoni Park Tricity East I is a modern warehouse complex with four halls totaling 47,000 sqm. The investment location is just 4 km from the center of Gdańsk and the Deepwater Container Terminal (DTC) in Gdañsk, as well as about 15 km from the Gdańsk-Rębiechowo International Airport. The complex is near crucial transportation routes, including the S7 and the “Błonie” Junction on the Suchecki Route. It enables efficient logistics between the North Port, the S7 Gdańsk Bypass, and the A1 Highway.


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