Less than four months after deciding to enter Panattoni Park Tricity East I, Chemart International Trader, Ltd. (Chemart) has decided to expand and occupy an additional 3,000 sq m. The supplier of raw materials for food, beverages, cosmetics, household chemicals, dietary supplements, and nutritional supplements has been conducting business operations in the new space since February 2024. Chemart was represented by Marta Nowik and Katarzyna Glodowska of Poland’s largest consulting firm, AXI IMMO.

Larger Tri-City distribution hub of Chemart International Trader

Chemart International Trader has over two decades of experience supplying raw materials for beverages, food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and household chemicals to domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Mariusz Maksymiak, Managing Director, Chemart International Trader, Ltd., said: “As expected, the Tri-City distribution hub, which opened at the end of 2023, began to meet its objectives quickly. In a very short period, we have increased the efficiency of business operations by skillfully implementing strategies and managing processes related to building optimal supply chains. We believe that the experience to date will help us achieve our ambitious goals, which include maintaining the high growth rate of raw material sales, which has been successfully implemented in recent years.”

In total, within Panattoni Park Tricity East I, the tenant will occupy approx. 5,055 sq m of warehouse and distribution space, which is supplemented by 105 sq m of office and social areas.

Additional space for distribution processes

Marta Nowik, Director, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO, said: “The quick adaptation in the new market and the selection of 3,000 sq m of distribution space indicate that Chemart is implementing the adopted strategy step by step. Given the current pace of development, I am convinced this is not the Client’s last transaction in Tri-City. It’s also another successful joint transaction inside AXI IMMO. Chemart has been developing with great success in the Malopolska region for years, and thanks to our help and cooperation with the Tricity branch, it can carry out similar activities in northern Poland.”

Katarzyna Glodowska, Senior Advisor, Industrial & Logistics, AXI IMMO, adds, “First of all, congratulations to the Client for the rapid expansion of its logistics base in Tri-City. Understanding the needs made it possible to secure additional space for distribution processes at an early stage. Secondly, the presence of a local branch in the Tri-City guarantees that all Clients run as part of AXI IMMO Group maintain the same high standard of service, giving confidence in a well-executed transaction.”

Panattoni Park Tricity East I complex in a key location

Panattoni Park Tricity East I is a modern warehouse complex with four halls totaling 47,000 sq m. The investment location is just 4 km from the center of Gdańsk and the Deepwater Container Terminal (DTC) in Gdañsk, as well as about 15 km from the Gdańsk-Rębiechowo International Airport. The complex is near crucial transportation routes, including the S7 and the “Błonie” Junction on the Suchecki Route. It enables efficient logistics between the North Port, the S7 Gdańsk Bypass, and the A1 Highway.


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