AXI IMMO, an expert in a commercial real estate, in the last weeks of December advised on the lease of almost 8000 m2 of warehouse and office space. AXI IMMO’s clients include companies such as Netia, Spedimex, Transportir and Makak Climbing Arena. The tenants occupied warehouse space in Warsaw, Ożarów Mazowiecki and Błonie.

Netia, a leading provider of Internet and telecommunications solutions in Poland, has leased 2,387 m2 of warehouse space and 185 m2 of office space in Europolis Park Błonie. The courier company Spedimex has taken over 1,900 m2 of warehouse space and 116 m2 of office space in Ożarów Logistics Centre. The Makak Climbing Arena has taken over 1,044 m2 of warehouse space and 134 m2 of office space in Norblin Industrial Park in Warsaw. The Makak Climbing Arena will be the highest indoor climbing centre in Poland. The last of our customers, the transport and logistics company Transportir, has occupied 1,980 m2 of warehouse space in Metropol Park Błonie.

The warehouse market in and around Warsaw in 2013 – Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner AXI IMMO

Warsaw and the surrounding region will remain the leader in terms of existing warehouse space, which in the 3rd quarter of 2012 remained at a level of 2.59 million square meters.  For the next few years, Warsaw’s position as a leader in the warehouse market will not be threatened. It is a natural location, with the greatest economic and demographic potential. As in other warehouse regions of the country, we can observe a decrease in the vacancy rate in the Warsaw region, but this decrease is quite slow. The availability of space will continue to be diverse depending on the location. Low supply, especially of larger modules of more than 10,000 m2 in locations along the A2 highway (Pruszków) can be an opportunity for warehouse parks in Błonie, Nadarzyn and Teresin, where high supply and lower rents make these locations more attractive. Rents will show an upward trend, but in some parks, tenants interested in larger surfaces, especially for an extended period, can count on good deals.

Description of parks

Europolis Park Błonie is one of the largest logistics complexes in the Warsaw area. The warehouse park offers storage space for rent for logistics, distribution and light manufacturing. The park is located in Błonie, about 25 miles west of Warsaw by the expressway route E-30. The total area of the park is 176,000 m2, and it will ultimately have 317,000 m2. The park belongs to CA Immo.

Metropol Park Błonie is a modern distribution park, offering more than 55,895 m2 of warehouse space. The park is located about 25 miles west of Warsaw, 400 metres from the international E30 expressway linking Warsaw and Berlin. The total area of the park covers approximately 220,000 m2.

Ożarów Logistics Center is a building offering  12,967 m2 of office and warehouse space for lease. The building consists of two halls of high storage dedicated to the needs of existing tenants with a total area of 10,862 m2 and two office areas with an area of 2,105 m2. The property is controlled by WBK Arka Investment Fund.

Norblin Industrial Park is an urban production, warehouse and office park located in the Bielany district of Warsaw. The complex consists of three halls and two office buildings and has a total area of 32,149 m2.