Caring for the environment, society and corporate governance are elements of the AXI IMMO POWER TO GREEN manifesto. By launching this campaign the firm joins the group of companies that put the ESG (Environment, Society, Corporate Governance) values in practice. We want to take active part in the change happening in the commercial real estate sector and encourage other players in the market, including our clients, business partners and employees, to join the movement.

The new mission of AXI IMMO, apart from our business activities, will be to draw the attention of other market players – investors, developers, general contractors and occupiers – to global environmental and social issues. Implementing green solutions is not just a domain of large corporations any more, with smaller firms becoming more involved too. Managing change is a long process and we are aware that some current targets will be replaced by others. We want to remain flexible in our approach and adapt our strategy over time in a way that will benefit the environment and the society the most – explains Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner, AXI IMMO.

The advisory firm AXI IMMO represents the commercial real estate market and is aware of the sector’s direct and indirect impact on the environment. When preparing the AXI IMMO POWER TO GREEN manifesto we decided to embark on a long journey towards implementing an ESG strategy, which includes initiatives linked to mitigating climate change, creating a just and inclusive society and practicing good corporate governance. One of the first elements of the strategy is to implement a diverse range of initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. AXI IMMO wants to lead by example and promote awareness in this area among its business partners, clients and employees.

– We are aware that introducing big changes overnight is difficult to execute. Hence why we want to reach our objectives step by step and decide about further goals together as we continue the journey. We want to start by introducing a more ecological approach within our organisation because this is the best way of getting all our employees on board, making sure everyone feels involved and has a say in this process – adds Renata Osiecka.

Marketing initiatives concerning our new sustainable manifesto AXI IMMO POWER TO GREEN include coherent visual communication. We are introducing an email signature, drawing our clients’ and partners’ attention to our decision to introduce changes within the organisation. This will be accompanied by an email campaign. There will also be a section on our website dedicated to information about our new programme, its main elements and progress in its implementation. Officially the AXI IMMO POWER TO GREEN campaign will be launched on the 22nd October during our Kampinos National Forest clean-up day – summarises Monika Rykowska, Marketing and Research Director, AXI IMMO.