AXI IMMO, an expert in the commercial real estate, represented PEKAES SA in negotiations for the lease of storage space in Lower Silesia. The logistics operator has leased 4225 square metres in Długołęka near Wroclaw from Vatt Invest. AXI IMMO also brokered a lease extension for Kurier Sp. z o.o. with VAN Group in Panattoni Park Poznań II.

PEKAES SA is known on the domestic and European market as a logistics operator and provider of transport and forwarding services. The company has leased 4225 square meters in Długołęka near Wroclaw from local developer Vatt Invest. The warehouse park is located about 8 km from Wroclaw by the planned bypass on the Wroclaw-Warsaw road, along route E67. The convenient location adjacent to well-developed road infrastructure will allow the tenant to increase efficiency and optimise the supply chain.

Kurier Sp. z o.o. belonging to Van Group provides domestic and international logistics services, and also provides warehousing and customs services. The company has 21 branches in Poland and 5 abroad. The operator extended the lease agreement in Panattoni Park Poznań II. The company rents 8900 sqm of warehouse space. Panattoni Park Poznań II has located in Żerniki about 13 km from the city centre, along the S11 express road.

Logistics operators and the and warehouse sector in 2012

“Logistics is one of the most important customer groups for storage developers. The development of TSL has a direct impact on the demand for warehouse space. Last year the industry had its good and bad periods. In 2012, we expect that logistics operators will struggle with a further increase in operating costs, due to a possible increase in fuel prices and the inclusion in the road network of further national toll routes. Success during an economic slowdown can be expected by companies that are able to provide stable customer support, timely delivery, and respond quickly to changing needs and market conditions. An important element in this “puzzle” will be optimising warehouse inventory to produce the appropriate network and quality of storage space, which may have a direct impact on the quality of services of an operator,” commented Renata Osiecka, Managing Director of AXI IMMO.

“The continuous change of the working model of logistics companies, and the pressure of flexibility and maintaining a high level of service, are forcing operators to decide on renting small storage spaces, but in the best locations. The average size of leases in the logistics sector is now in the range 4000 – 10000 sqm,” added Renata Osiecka, Managing Director of AXI IMMO.