AXI IMMO – an expert in the field of commercial real estate mediated in the biggest storage space lease transaction of the year 2011. The ID Logistics company rented 20 200 square meters of storage space in ProLogis Park Chorzów.

AXI IMMO offers complex services connected with commercial real estate investments. The company‘s specialization in storage real estate – was confirmed with the record-breaking lease transaction which took place this year. AXI IMMO mediated in the agreement for ID Logistics – an international logistics operator. The last year was marked by a stable increase in demand for storage space. Although this growth is not as big as it was several years ago, the rising tendency is visible.

Śląsk – strategic region for logistic centres

This storage space lease transaction is so big it proves that demand for modern storage space grows in the Śląsk region. ProLogis Park Chorzów strategic location next to the site where the A4 and A1 motorways intersection is being constructed is a perfect place for companies to place their centres’ of distribution. „Śląsk has the best infrastructure and central location in our part of Europe. That is why we treat this region as one of our priority locations and we recommend it to our clients.” – explains Renata Osiecka, AXI IMMO Managing Director.

ProLogis Park Chorzów is the biggest logistics centre in Górny Śląsk region offering high-quality storage halls adjusted both for the needs of small and big lessees. Thanks to the lease agreement in ProLogis Park Chorzów, ID Logistics company increased its total storage space in Poland to 85,000 square meters.

“ID Logistics dynamic development made us look for another logistics centre. As a distribution company, we require first of all a convenient location supported by a developing road infrastructure and the most modern solutions in the field of storage issues. ProLogis Park Chorzów met our expectations for the new location the best.” – comments Marc Le Bozec, ID Logistics General Director.

2011 is a busy time for AXI IMMO. So far the company not only mediated in the record-breaking lease transaction of 2011 but also broadened their offer in the field of the commercial real estate with office and retail space. During the last couple of months, the company changed their name from Axis Real Estate to AXI IMMO. This change underlines that the company broadened their competences in the field of broker and advisory services.