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The interest in warehouse space in the Lower Silesia region has been significant for many years. Although the opening of the Bogatynia retail park failed in 2012, within 5 years the situation on the market has changed dramatically. Today, in this region, we see a significant rise in demand and supply on the commercial real estate market.

New investors put on this market, who see the huge potential of the Lower Silesian Voivodship. Due to significant investments, the Wrocław region was ranked 5th in the ranking assessing the share of projects under construction at the end of December 2016 in Poland. (see Report: Warehouse market in Poland – summary of 2016 and forecast 2017.)

In the Lower Silesia region, in 2016, the vacancy rate for warehouse space was 6.5%, despite the fact that it was more than 60,000 built. sq m of space than in the previous year.

The location of the Lower Silesian Voivodship for commercial real estate, especially warehouse space, is particularly attractive. The south-western part of the province is a perfect place for companies distributing products to regional sales markets and those operating more extensively in Germany, the Czech Republic and other Western European countries.

In the Lower Silesian Voivodship, in the poviat of Zgorzelec, in which the city of Bogatynia is located, there are interesting investment areas for commercial use – warehouse. In order to obtain detailed information about available land in the poviat of Zgorzelec, please contact us by phone +48 22 111 00 01 or email office@axiimmo.com.

In the area of ​​the Lower Silesia Voivodship, available for immediate storage of existing or commercial areas under construction, enjoy great interest. Here you can see current warehouses for rent in and around Wrocław.

Properties put up for sale in the Lower Silesia area are modern areas located generally in close proximity to the motorway. These are warehouse and office facilities located in Wroclaw as well as halls in other cities of the region. See commercial properties for sale in the province Lower Silesia.

Currently, AXI IMMO advises on the market:

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Archive 22/02/2012.

AXI IMMO – an expert in the field of commercial real estate begins to commercialize Bogatynia Retail Park. The total leasable area is ca. 7 thousand m². The project will be developed in two phases. The investor is Gant Development SA Capital Group. The official opening of the retail park is scheduled for summer 2012. It is the first facility of this kind to be built in Bogatynia.

The Bogatynia Retail Park will be developed on a 22 450 m² plot, located between the streets Daszyńskiego and Spółdzielcza, in the immediate vicinity of the existing Tesco hypermarket and the Media Expert outlet. The investment will be located in the central part of the city, nearby the main junction. The construction of the retail park will be divided into two stages. In the first phase, a building with a usable area of 3 135 m² for retail and services will be constructed. In the second stage, building with an area of 2 577 m² for DIY will be developed. The property will have 200 parking spaces. The investor has also taken care of a specific architectural aspect of the investment project itself.

Significant investment potential

Bogatynia is a city that develops rapidly due to the presence of lignite industry and mines. In terms of revenue, the county of Bogatynia is one of the richest in Poland. Currently, the Bogatynia Retail Park is a key investment in the commercial segment that is being implemented within the city. The facility at the same time expands and significantly completes the Bogatynia’s business and service portfolio.

“Lower Silesia is an important region for us, where our investments are increasing. The decision to develop the project in Bogatynia was preceded by analyses that showed a considerable business potential of the city. I am convinced that it will meet the expectations of future tenants”- said Wojciech Rogala, Managing Director of the Gant Development SA. Capital Group.

AXI IMMO development in the retail sector

The contract for the commercialization of Bogatynia Retail Park is yet another project within the retail sector carried out exclusively by AXI IMMO.

“We have been consistently pursuing our goal of extending the retail sector offers. In the nearest future, we expect more interesting assignments to be placed. Our retail sector portfolio is growing consistently, which accounts for a significant revival on the retail market. Currently, the market in big cities is largely saturated, now the investors see potential in the medium and small towns. Retail park facilities become an important format. Investors choose this category due to the lower costs; it is also beneficial for tenants, due to the continuous growth potential of smaller towns” – said Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner of AXI IMMO.