AXI IMMO – an expert in the field of the commercial real estate will commercialize Kowale shopping mall. Total area meant for lease is at about 4.700 square meters. The shopping mall will be constructed in the most dynamically developing part of Trójmiasto, next to districts inhabited by 40 000 people. The grand opening of the mall is planned in December 2012.

Kowale shopping mall

Kowale shopping mall is a Convenience Shopping Center type investment which will guarantee buyers possibility to do fast, basic shopping. Kowale Center will be situated among Trójmiasto’s big housing estates which lack alternative ways of doing fast shopping in one place. Kowale is the most dynamically developing district of Trójmiasto. As more inhabitants will take up residence, the district will need a good retail and services infrastructure.

Kowale Center will be perfectly communicated with other parts of Trójmiasto agglomeration thanks to both: housing estates roads and Trójmiasto moto route S6. There is Biedronka store situated next to the Kowale Center. The shopping mall location will become the main spot on the retail and services map of the district.

“Kowale Center commercialization is a very important project for us. Our prediction is that convenience type shopping malls which still are a kind of novelty on the Polish market will become one of the retail spaces markets main development tendencies.” – comments Renata Osiecka, AXI IMMO Managing Partner.

Kowale Center will be a 2-storey, modern shopping mall hosting 30 shops and service points. There will be 160 parking spaces for clients which will guarantee comfortable shopping.

The first quarter of 2011 was a very good time for AXI IMMO. The company not only mediated in a 2011 record-breaking lease agreement but also broadened the range of its operation with the field of office and retail space.