AXI IMMO began to operate in April 2009. The company’s first clients were representatives of the logistic and warehouse industry. Initially, AXI IMMO’s staff included a few persons operating for years in the commercial real estate industry; however, every year the company’s team grew. Currently, AXI IMMO employs more than 20 advisors specializing in the industrial, retail and office sectors.

Year in year out the company worked to strengthen its market position. 2011 was a particularly successful year in which AXI IMMO leased more than 170,000 square meters of commercial space. In the early 2011 the company’s name and corporate identity changed which was the crowning of the process of building its corporate structure and the beginning of the stage of strengthening its market position.

AXI IMMO’s successes

“We started in April 2009. Initially, we advised mainly companies from the warehouse and logistic sector, however, quite soon selected clients indicated that they also needed services in other commercial real estate sectors. As a result, two important departments were added to the company: retail and office. A custom approach to clients and projects not based on standard schemes bore fruit – the company has grown and its customer base has continuously developed”, recalls Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner AXI IMMO.

Over the past three years, the company acquired clients such as: Oriflame, IDLogistics, ABB, Eurocash, VAN Cargo, Kolporter, Ruch, JAS-FBG, Dachser and others.

AXI IMMO has numerous successes evidenced by, among other things, being a broker in one of the largest transactions of leasing warehouse space on the market in 2011 to ID Logistics as well as selling a 9 ha plot for courier centre’s investments in Stryków during which AXI IMMO represented AIG Lincoln. The company was also awarded an honorary mention in the Top 10 CEE Real Estate Agencies 2011 ranking in Polandprepared by CiJ Journal (industry magazine): it ranked 5th in the general ranking and 1st in the ranking of agencies with Polish capital.

In the nearest future, the company’s course of action will remain unchanged. AXI IMMO intends to continue its dynamic growth through effective advisory targeted at current and future clients in all of its sectors of operations. The company offers comprehensive services to all types of clients, i.e. international corporations, local or individual investors. Solutions offered by AXI IMMO are always customized.

AXI IMMO’s services

AXI IMMO renders comprehensive advisory services in key sectors of the commercial real estate.

The company’s objects include:

  • advisory and brokerage services in the area of searching for space,
  • preparing designs for investments,
  • sales and purchases of land,
  • representing lessees in transactions,
  • coordinating negotiations and renegotiating contracts,
  • technical audits and advisory and project management, including budget planning, due diligence, and investment designs and management.