theBalm, the american cosmetics company operating on global markets, is another tenant of Ideal Idea City Park, on the border of Warsaw and Raszyn. The facility is currently in the last phase of finishing works. AXI IMMO was the tenant’s advisor during the conclusion of the lease agreement.

The choice of our park took place after a very in-depth analysis of the American side of the domestic offer of parks of this type, offering both warehouse and office space” – reports the president of Ideal Idea Formad, Jędrzej Dużyński. He adds: “For this purpose, Anabel Avila, Senior Operations Manager, came to Poland for the visit. Therefore, we are very pleased that only our facility has met the expectations of the American company and soon after that, CFO theBalm Robert Shipman signed the contract with us. In the project for this company, we showed – in line with our standards – flexibility in approaching the client’s needs and it was not an ordinary project for us”.

Comprehensive advice from AXI IMMO when moving theBalm

Until now, theBalm has operated in Europe in a slightly different business model. Moving the company to City Park involves launching a warehouse and logistics centre in Poland, purchasing the necessary equipment and recruiting employees. The presence in Europe in this form will allow theBalm to significantly shorten the time of order fulfilment, increase the availability of the offered assortment and attract new customers.

TheBalm’s move to City Park is commented on by General Manager Europe, Piotr Błaszczyk: “We are developing very dynamically, acquiring new clients on the European market, and this requires ensuring the possibility of delivering products to clients in a short time. In characteristic retro-style packaging, we offer high-quality cosmetics for the face and for every occasion. Our cosmetics allow you to create perfect makeup in a few minutes, emphasizing charm and beauty. The decision to move to City Park was significantly influenced by many years of experience, professionalism and a flexible approach to the client of Ideal Idea Formad. City Park offered relatively quick availability of space that met our expectations and attractive financial conditions. We really wanted to locate the facility near the airport and main communication arteries. This enables not only efficient delivery and shipment of sold goods, but is also an important factor encouraging employees to cooperate. Due to the nature of the activity, a very important requirement was to ensure access to the gate from the ground level and the dock. Another important factor was the possibility of providing additional lighting for the leased space and the turnkey arrangement of the office space. The facility is new, energy-efficient, its architecture perfectly combines warehouse space with the office part.

AXI IMMO has proved to be an excellent advisor. All the locations she presented met the required criteria. From the moment of establishing cooperation with AXI IMMO, we could count on professional support and indication of the advantages and disadvantages of specific facilities, which helped us make the final decision. We could also count on AXI IMMO’s support while conducting negotiations and formulating the provisions of cooperation, ” says Piotr Błaszczyk.

theBalm na powierzchni dopasowanej do swoich potrzeb

theBalm has rented the warehouse and office space in City Park. For the needs of the company, far-reaching modifications were made to the facility. In the warehouse, window openings were cut in the roof to illuminate the surface according to the regulations and provide permanent work for warehouse workers. In the already existing structure, skylights were inserted in the cut-out roof openings. Thanks to this, the tenant received a very bright area perfectly prepared for the work required by him.

On the part of Ideal Idea Formad, the contract with theBalm was negotiated by Mec. Justyna Markowska. The tenant was represented by CMS law firm Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Pośniak and Bejm and AXI IMMO.

Modern storage and office space near Warsaw Airport

Anna Peczela, Senior Industrial & Logistic Consultant at AXI IMMO, reports on theBalm advisory role: “When choosing a place for a new distribution center, our client wanted to combine several aspects. One of the most important was a modern warehouse and office building located near the airport. The location was intended to provide comfortable access from different districts of Warsaw for both theBalm clients and employees of the surrounding housing estates, as well as neighboring cities. Together with the client, we considered several market proposals. Ideal Idea Formad’s offer proved to be the best solution due to the good location of the park on the city ring road, the preparation of the area by the developer in accordance with the expectations of theBalm company, as well as for the sake of the technical parameters of this A-class object. In addition, the developer also took care of a special project of green surrounding buildings and ecological solutions in Ideal Idea City Park.”

Cooperation with Ideal Idea Formad for theBalm was one of many jointly completed projects with the developer. The developer is certainly distinguished by great flexibility, openness to new solutions and implementation of projects according to the needs of customers. In favour of the company speaks primarily its presence in the industry for many years, as well as experience and professionalism in cooperation with tenants, which pays off subsequent transactions”, adds Anna Peczela.


AXI IMMO advised on the lease of space in Ideal Idea City Park as a tenant’s representative, also the Systemy Autobusowe Sp. z o.o.