AXI IMMO, an expert in the commercial real estate, summarises lease agreements from recent weeks. In total, the company has brokered the lease of over 17 500 sq. m. of warehouse space and over 900 m2 of retail space.

In recent weeks, the company has been most active in the warehouse-logistics and retail sectors. Among the largest customers that AXI IMMO has represented in lease transactions are ID Logistics, Ost Sped., Eurocash and Big Brands Group.

The company brokered the lease warehouse space in the regions of Małopolska, Mazovia, Opole, Silesia and Wielkopolska. The largest contracts were signed in Silesia (a total of 7200 m2) and Wielkopolska (a total of 4780 m2). In Silesia, the leases were in Będzin where ID Logistics leased 6100 m2 from Pago, and warehouses in the Center for Strategic Investment in Kobiór near Tychy, where Polkolor has leased 1100 m2. In turn, in Wielkopolska, AXI IMMO brokered the renegotiation of a lease for 4500 m2
in Panattoni Park Gądki by Ost Sped and the lease of 280 m2 by DUNI Polska in Poznan. In Opole, AXI IMMO brokered a lease transaction for 2 200 m2 in Kedzierzyn Koźle for Eurocash, in Małopolska: for Logistics Partner (1647 m2) and Medicare (550 m2) in Krakow, and in Mazovia AXI IMMO coordinated the lease of 1200 m2 for Big Brands Group in Sokołów.

“Poznan and Krakow are cities with the lowest ratio of vacant warehouse space in the country,” said Renata Osiecka, Managing Director at AXI IMMO. “Also, Silesia, where we rented in recent weeks the most storage space, is a very attractive location: favourably located and easily accessible through a network of expressways and the A4. We are encouraged that in such a competitive market, we can offer our customers attractive space and conditions”.

AXI IMMO’s latest leases in the retail sector

In the retail sector, the company brokered the most number of lease transactions in Pomerania, where is the exclusive broker for Centrum Kowale in Tri-City where the company has leased a total of 1884.7 m2. In addition, AXI IMMO has mediated in smaller lease transactions in Wrocław’s Centrum Marino (30 m2 for Trendy Shop) and Bolesławiec City Centre (24.9 m2 for Kolporter SA).