Alfa Bond Kohlhauer Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer and supplier of acoustic panels, decided to lease 1,900 sq m of warehouse and office space along with land on a private investment located on the S8 route in Kajetany. Negotiations on behalf of the client were managed by AXI IMMO.

 Alfa Bond Kohlhauer Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive system components for road and rail noise control projects. The company was founded in 2006 and from that time has built a strong position both on the domestic and foreign markets. The company uses the potential and experience of one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic screens in Germany – R. Kohlhauer GmbH. Thanks to the well-developed partner network, Alfa Bond Kohlhauer is able to provide solutions according to local requirements, including in Europe and Asia. This concept allowed to sell over one million square meters of acoustic panels in all markets served by the company.

Alfa Bond Kohlhauer in Kajetany near Warsaw

The major goal that we wanted to achieve during the transaction was the consolidation of all business operations handled by Alfa Bond Kohlhauer in Poland. The investment in Kajetany allowed us to locate the company’s headquarters and production hall in one place, as well as to enrich our space with a large showroom,” says Maciej Zakrzewski, Executive Managing Director, Alfa Bond Kohlhauer. For several months we have been planning increase in our production to meet orders and even more clearly underline our presence on the local market. We are certainly favoured by the economic situation and the consistent implementation of the policy related to the expansion and modernization of road and rail infrastructure in Poland. Acoustic panels are an integral part of new investments. Firstly, it increases the safety of local residents, and secondly, it significantly reduces the noise level in the immediate vicinity,,” adds Maciej Zakrzewski.

Not only a customized production hall

From the first meeting, the client specified his demand for space and the technical standard that his new production hall should meet. Interestingly, an additional requirement arose during the talks. To a relatively small hall area, the clientrequired a lot of space for the storage of selected raw materials and ready-made bulky products before shipment. After analysing the available market resources, it turned out the new investment in Kajetany fits the most competitive in terms of the company’s needs, financial conditions and most importantly, it offered over 3,500 sq m of additional storage yard,” says Damian Kińczyk, Consultant, Industrial & Logistics Agency, AXI IMMO.

 Urban warehouse SBU

Our investment is a typical facility in the SBU (Small Business Unit) format, in line with the so-called city warehouses located near large agglomerations. We offer a smaller warehouse space with a larger office component, which additionally allows companies to display their products, e.g. by arranging this space for a showroom. The advantage of our investment is a very good location by the S8 expressway in Kajetany. The property is also characterized by numerous glazing in the facade, allowing working in natural light. Alfa Bond Kohlhauer please welcome among our clients. We are also glad that signing the lease agreement allowed us to complete the commercialization process of the investment,” said Sławomir Piotrkowicz, complex owner.