Schrack Technik Polska, a manufacturer and distributor of innovative electrotechnical products, has extended its contract with Prologis Park Warsaw II for 5 years and doubled the leased warehouse and office space to 6,700 sq m. AXI IMMO advised on the transaction.

Schrack Technik Polska is part of the Schrack Technik Group, an Austrian supplier of products and solutions in the field of electricity distribution and teletechnical data transmission. The company’s assortment includes over 30,000 products in the field of devices and housings for electrical switchboards, electrical installation equipment, ICT systems, UPS, cables, KNX intelligent building equipment, lighting, photovoltaic systems, vehicle charging stations and many other products for electrical installers. The extensive offer allows for comprehensive investment service, which makes Schrack Technik one of the leading companies supplying customers with electrical engineering in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Our parks invariably enjoy very good opinions from tenants. To a large extent, this is due to listening to the needs of customers and meeting their expectations in terms of investments in modernization of buildings, energy optimization, and automation. Thanks to this approach, Prologis Park Warsaw II is a modern distribution center that enjoys unflagging interest from customers. It is currently 100% leased, and every square meter released is almost immediately occupied by current tenants. This was also the case with Schrack Technik Polska,” said Emilia Błędek, Leasing & Customer Experience Manager at Prologis.

Schrack Technik Polska in a strategic location in Warsaw

The uniqueness of the modern distribution center with an area of 39,000 sq m is related to its location. Prologis Park Warsaw II is located in Warsaw, in the industrial part of the Praga district. At a distance of about 1 km from the S8 route connecting the north and south of Poland, 10 km from the A2 Highway, and 12 km from the international Okęcie airport. The strategic location allows for the effective distribution of goods both in Warsaw and the surrounding area, as well as throughout the country.

“We have been present at Prologis Park Warsaw II for 15 years. We are dynamically developing our distribution center, STORE and showroom on the premises. Therefore, the decision to stay with Prologis for the next 5 years and to double the leased space is of particular importance to us,” emphasizes Sławomir Grzebień, President of the Management Board of Schrack Technik Polska.

The space offered in Prologis Park Warsaw II can be easily adapted to the individual needs of tenants from both the logistics and distribution and retail sectors. Customers of the logistics center appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the Prologis Essentials Marketplace program, under which they can comprehensively equip rented spaces with racking systems and intelligent LED lighting or enrich their fleet with forklifts. Tenants can also benefit from numerous services designed to support their business.

The transaction was mediated by consultants from AXI IMMO – Karol Osiecki and Paweł Bułajewski.

“The end of the contract is the moment when customers wonder if the cooperation so far has been good and the proposed terms are still competitive. After a thorough analysis of the needs of Schrack Technik Polska and the assessment of available alternatives, we made a unanimous decision to continue to run and develop business at Prologis Park Warsaw II,” said Paweł Bułajewski, Consultant in the Industrial and Development, AXI IMMO.

Whether it’s helping new clients get off to a good start, building strong business relationships or supporting the growth of existing tenants, the opportunities are…Made in Prologis.