SEGRO plc, Europe’s leading owner-manager and developer of industrial and logistics property, is pleased to announce that JDL, a Polish company specialising in the import, sales and installation of automotive parts aimed at modifications in Japan and German cars, has taken 900 sq m office and social space in the SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań. 100 sq m will be used as an office and social space.

SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań is strategically located in Trasa Toruńska, northern Warsaw, and is close to the A2 freeway which connects major European capital cities, something vital for businesses like JDL who rely on good connections to their customers and suppliers.

JDL is a rapidly growing company, with a long history in the Polish automotive industry. The company’s offer comprises a number of products by the largest manufacturers of automotive parts. Through extensive sales network, which includes also Internet platform, and expanded storage facilities, enable JDL to provide services to clients all over the world. The company has been active on the Japanese and European market already for 10 years, being and is the exclusive distributor of Alcon, KW, Cusco, Rays Wheels and Tommy Kaira as well as a dealer of more than 40 other brands. Through its extensive sales network, which includes online, and expanded storage facilities, JDL has a worldwide reach.

Daniel Jurczak, President of the management board in JDL, says: “Our warehouse at SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Żerań has a very high standard necessary to maintain the dynamic pace of our business development. An important advantage of the leased space is its compatibility with our profile. Additionally, the new facility will enable us to enlarge our offer not only by the assembling of purchased parts but also will help to increase storage capacity, so that the delivery time will be significantly reduced,”.