Panattoni Europe investments for Amazon constitute the biggest lease contract in Central and Eastern Europe. Apart from the finalised 246,000 sqm in Poland, the developer is now building more than 120,000 sqm in a distribution centre for Amazon in the Czech Republic.

Each of the Panattoni Europe facilities for Amazon totals in excess of 100,000 sqm of space, with the warehousing section of approx. 90,000 sqm in each one, and two-storey office space taking up more than 8,000 sqm per centre. Every day, there were on average 500 people representing 50 different industries working on each of the investments, striving to meet the stringent deadlines for both investments – on average 10 months. Moreover, with the Poznań project, Panattoni Europe was responsible for changes to the road infrastructure – the construction of a dumbbell interchange on the DK92 with two roundabouts. The interchange additionally features cross streets with entry and exit ramps, service roads, access roads and a local road along the overbridge.

Source: Panattoni Europe