2 logistics companies: Poland Services Transport-Logistyka and Univeg Logistics Poland decided to take up a warehouse space in building with total space of 14 000 sq m. Project will be delivered in the end od 2015.
Univeg Logistics Poland will occupy space of 2 530 sq m of warehouse space and 110 sq m of office space; warehouse will be designated for freezing space.
Poland Services Transport-Logistyka will take up 3 320 sq m; one part will be designated for offices and the rest space will be freezing warehouse.
In Pomorskie Centrum Logistyczne there are 2 objects under construction: warehouse designated for FMCG company which will occupy space of 24 900 sqm and mentioned above speculative project of 14 000 sq m. Total space of park will reach 53 000 sq m.