On Friday, January 27, as part of Property Forum Śląsk – City Talk organized by Propertynews.pl at 11:30-12:30 Anna Głowacz will be a moderator of the session “City Talk – Cities need real estate. Developers need land. What and where to build in Silesia?
Topics covered by experts will include what investments Silesia needs and where to build them, what is the current availability of investment areas and how to seek new investors.
Among the experts invited to the discussion panel were:
Wojciech Caruk, PFR Nieruchomości S.A.
Arkadiusz Czech, mayor of Tarnowskie Góry
Daniel Draga, Cavatina Holding
Przemo Lukasik, Medusa Group
Robert Jacek Moritz, Alta SA
Bartłomiej Solik, TDJ Estate
Miejsce: Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe w Katowicach
Sala: Sala Balowa C
Godzina: 11:30-12:30
Kiedy: 27 stycznia 2023 r.
Conference: Property Forum Śląsk – City Talk during 4 Design Days
Place: International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland (MCK Katowice)
Hall: Ballroom C
Time: 11:30-12:30
When: January 27, 2023
More information: https://www.propertynews.pl/konferencje/property-forum-slask-city-talk,112655.html